Kerala Jackpot 2023 Result Chart | KL Chart

In case you have missed the Kerala Jackpot Result for previous months, check it out now, as we have given you the KL Chart for the entire month with full details. The chart below is updated; you can match your ticket number with the displayed result.

If you are interested in Today Live Kerala Jackpot results, you are welcome to check them out.

Kerala Jackpot Result | KL Chart
👇 [September] 👇

Kerala Jackpot 2023
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Kerala Jackpot Result | KL Chart
👇 [August] 👇


Kerala Jackpot Result | KL Chart
👇 [July] 👇


Kerala Jackpot Result | KL Chart
👇 [June] 👇


Kerala Jackpot Result | KL Chart
👇 [May] 👇


Kerala Jackpot Result | KL Chart
👇 [April] 👇



According to the Kerala Lottery Department, more than 1.8 crore lottery tickets are printed and available for sale daily. This estimates every 1 in 3 persons purchases lottery tickets daily.

The Lottery results are announced daily at 3 PM. Kerala Lottery Department introduced seven lotteries, and each lottery is played every single day. As common, today is also a day for declaring the results of another lottery ticket. You can check out the Live Kerala Jackpot Results today at 3 PM here.

The prize of the lottery depends on the type of lottery that you participate. The biggest prize you can get is worth 1 Crore from the Fifty Fifty Lottery, which draws every Wednesday. The price of this lottery is just RS.50.

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